Stairlift to Heaven 2 - Further up the Stairlift

By Terry Ravenscroft and N/A N/A
A further volume chronicling the life of an old age pensioner. As with its 102 x 5 Star Amazon Customer Reviews predecessor Stairlift to Heaven those people of non-coffin dodging age should not be put off by this. You will be old yourself someday, if you’re lucky, and there are valuable lessons to be learned here in coping with old age, in addition to advice on how to deal with troublesome dogs, dog walking, horses, faith healers, gipsies, solicitors, council officials, busybodies, and sundry other nuisances, plus useful tips on hoovering, letter writing, mounting a defence should you be taken to court, coping with being sentenced to Community Service (if your defence in court has proved to be inadequate), how to get the best of, and avoid the worst of, a holiday in Turkey, what to do should your home be burgled, what to do if your bank has 'good news' for you and lots, lots more.
ISBN: 9781784075569
Type: Paperback
Pages: 215
Published: 26 March 2014
Price: $12.65

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