Star The Christmas Girl

The plot of the play, Star The Christmas GIRL, revolves around a girl, named Star. Her mother does not like her at all, and treats her like a maid. Mrs Gloria George, Star's mother is a very rich woman; a director of a big company in Lagos State. Two of her daughters (Anna and Sarah) live with their father in New York City, while Star and little Precious stay with their mother in Nigeria. There is a sharp contrast between the treatment meted out to Star and Precious. Star always treks to school and back home, while Gloria’s driver drops Precious at school and picks her after school even though they attend the same school. Star attends High school while Precious is yet in primary school, both of which are however situated within the same compound. Gloria often buys new clothes for Precious while Star has only five attires aside her school uniforms: two over sized clothes for casuals and outing, and the other three to be worn to church on Sundays. While Precious' hair is always beautifully made and neatly packed, Star's hair is often left unkempt- the way Gloria wants it. For this cause, Star is made a laughing stock at school. Gloria always calls Precious "my little angel" but says to Star: ‘you will keep on looking like the idiot you've always been.' Despite Gloria's mean attitude towards Star, she surprisingly still enrolled her in the best school in the country where Precious, her little angel, also attends. At the final class in high school when Star thought her whole life was over, based on a decision made by Gloria, she went for a competition and also got the offer of the year's Christmas girl which turns her life around for the best, a great shock for her and everyone around her.
ISBN: 9781786109736
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 250
Published: 12 May 2016
Price: $12.65

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