Stolen Dreams

The war ended a long time ago. Humanity lost. Only crumbling cities remain, the people filled with dark futile thoughts. In this city of stolen dreams, sinister officers seek out those few deviants that dare to hope of something better. Richard's depression is worse than most. Alone and afraid, he hides in plain sight, beneath the gaze of officers who would kill him if they knew what he was. The one person he cares about, Emily, barely acknowledges his existence. When Emily is taken by the officers into the iron black Spire, Richard realises he does have something to live for after all. But depression and fear hold him back. How can he even begin to help her if he can't help himself? Stolen Dreams is an engrossing dark fantasy novel from first-time writer Mark Robson. It effectively combines horror, mystery and science fiction to provide a fully entertaining read that captivates from start to finish.
ISBN: 9781784077662
Type: Paperback
Pages: 308
Published: 10 June 2014
Price: $12.95

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