Stories from a Leaking Mind

A collection of short stories, exploring the inner turmoil that lies just beneath the surface of ordinary people in everyday situations: A nurse tends to a dying man who unwittingly reveals to her how to heal the wounds within herself. Samuel Pam’s life is plagued by strangers who whisper to him unwanted messages of a sexual nature. Andrea Segovia is addicted to correcting other people’s mistakes and when she meets her new boyfriend, she finds she has plenty of work to do. Daniel’s disabilities are not immediately obvious, yet when he is forced to face them, he becomes overwhelmed. A woman stumbles into a gallery and finds pictures of her own life displayed there. In a tropical paradise, the boundaries are blurred between love and terrorism—but then perhaps those boundaries are blurred everywhere. A doctor, who is racked by guilt, is contemplating suicide, but are his misdeeds imaginary? A nameless man overspends his way into performing a televised act of brutality on a random victim. And at the end of each day, I am left with the feeling that there must be holes in my mind somewhere, for all these stories have leaked out.
ISBN: 9781782994695
Type: Paperback
Pages: 216
Published: 23 May 2013
Price: $12.65

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