Street Fighting Man

'Street Fighting Man’ is the 7th novel in the 1960s Jimmy Mack series and the second novel in the 1968 trilogy. The 1968 trilogy follows the 1967 trilogy. ‘Alice’, a parallel story, is also part of the series. The series follows the rise of James ‘Mack’ MacKinnon, a young Mod, to top London fashion photographer. Mack shares his love with three young women who live with him in Chelsea. Effy is his fiancée, and she has succeeded as a fashion designer. Angie and Joy are fashion models. The three young women are close friends as well as his lovers. This three-way romance challenges the conventional boy-girl, man-woman romances. The Jimmy Mack series celebrates the swinging Sixties, with a detailed look at life in 1960s Britain. Set in the fashion industry of the time, it explores the impact that it had on life. Multi-faceted themes explore societal change, politics, the power of the establishment, the class divide, the sexual revolution, religion, crime, and much more through an existentialist eye. As in all the previous novels, there is a soundtrack. Each chapter is prefaced with a recording that lends itself thematically to the written words and acts as a backdrop to the content.
ISBN: 9781835970089
Type: Paperback
Pages: 230
Published: 23 December 2023
Price: $12.65

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