Strident Sings the Moon

Book 5 in the Skywatchers Series “I thought it was going to be like taking on a challenge; something exciting, that would make us feel special. It isn’t, though, is it? It’s going to be dangerous, and sorrowful, and lonely.” At last there are native sunservers, moonfollowers, and lawgivers who all agree on the need to work together to bring the land safely through the time of darkness. But they must convince their colleagues to cooperate with those traditionally seen as rivals, and overcome the resistance and resentment that this causes. Furthermore, as each learns more about the part he or she must play, there are doubts, fears and obstacles to be addressed. The Long Sleep is almost upon them, and they must then be ready to act. Can they all set aside their differences and overcome their uncertainties? And will their preoccupation with their own preparations prevent them from uncovering and defeating each of the schemes that Hantor devises to triumph over them?
ISBN: 9781786103017
Type: Paperback
Pages: 325
Published: 4 November 2015
Price: $13.82

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