Jane's happy childhood comes to an abrupt end when her mother is killed in a car crash. Her father had been driving home after celebrating his promotion at work and had drunk more than usual. He comes out of it unscathed and cannot forgive himself,losing his job and self respect. Spending most of his time in pubs he meets Sophie, one of the barmaids. Before long she and her daughter move into John's house on the pretence of looking after him and Jane. Their lives are made a misery with Sophie constant bullying and demeaning John and tormenting Jane who is already so vulnerable. After years of misery Jane meets Rob, a young sailor, and they plan to marry. Seething with jealousy and resentment Sophie's daughter manages to cause the most horrendous incident when Jane is raped by the boss's son at the Christmas party. She falls pregnant and accepts his offer of marriage to get her father away from the two women. Rob is devastated. From then on Jane endures a violent and jealous husband which makes her strong and determined and, after many volatile years, she finally has the life she wants.
ISBN: 9781782991229
Type: Paperback
Pages: 288
Published: 19 July 2013
Price: $12.95