They thought she was the first - the girl in the river. They were wrong. More followed. Each named after where the location they were found. Detective Inspector, Lewis Philipson has a real headliner of a case on his hands. The trouble is that he no longer gets a buzz from his profession. Being at the hub of a big case no longer does it for him. He feels disassociated; like a radio transmitter picking up an intermittent signal. He doesn’t feel engaged with the job anymore. Some days he is certain that he’d make a far better dermatologist r a designer or an engineer - anything other than a detective. But his staff - at least most of them - have faith in him. He could be young; the killer. He could be between 20 and 30 years old; tall, dark-haired, unemployed. There again, he could just as easily be an overweight man in his forties, employed by the local council. Or perhaps a 50-year-old widower, enjoying early retirement. No one knows. But they do know he's not going to stop. It has been said, that at some point, serial killers start to give themselves away because they want to be caught. This one didn’t - he was enjoying himself too much.
ISBN: 9781788760270
Type: Paperback
Pages: 196
Published: 4 October 2017
Price: $11.95

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