Tales from Beyond the Wood

Twenty-two new and original fairy stories from the author of "Tales from the Wood" and "More Tales from the Wood". A collection of tales that are reminiscent of those you heard in your childhood. * * * Once the troupe had gone from sight and the chiming of their bells was lost in the air, the farmer rose up and decided to investigate. Fairy palaces, he knew, were often said to be full of treasure. Rich pickings would surely await him with the owners far away. * * * Pedro loved fruit. And he couldn't wait. If he saw fruit he had to have it. He didn't care where it was, he just had to taste it. * * * Three young men who all came from the same village wanted to impress a certain girl with their prospects in the hope that she might be interested in them and marry the richest. * * * The king made a proclamation – all who would marry the princess must present themselves at the castle. Once they were inside, the great doors would be barred and the would-be husbands would be given one hour to hide. After that, the king would begin to hunt for them. Each that he found would be put to death until just one remained.
ISBN: 9781788760096
Type: Paperback
Pages: 176
Published: 22 September 2017
Price: $11.95

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