Tales from The Sunlit Garden

Step into The Sunlit Garden, on the edge of The Sea of The Hebrides, where the trees and flowers tell of the small events of their day, and the gardener children light up their world and the life of their gardener. Meet Sir Escallonia Topknot and the cheeky bramble by the next-door shed, Grandfather Willow and Little Jack Sparrow. There is The Horse Who Said Goodbye, and the exotic visitor from America . . . these children’s tales can be enjoyed by any age. The reading age would suit from around 10 years upwards. The subject matter can be taken on any level, and may be very readily enjoyed by grown–ups. The stories are illustrated in colour, each tale having between two and four pictures. The main illustrator is Juliet Barton, a herbalist who inspired and encouraged the production of these stories. The author has also contributed a few pictures. The Sunlit Garden is real but has been enhanced by the power of imagination to describe the garden from the imagined perspective of the trees and flowers themselves. Of course The Bad Ginger Cat isn’t allowed an opinion, and The Visitor Dog is somewhat in disgrace . . .
ISBN: 9781785108273
Type: Paperback
Pages: 130
Published: 3 June 2015
Price: $10.25

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