Teale Tales 1 : Wyv Land of Magik

Gallen and Ceilidh lead normal everyday lives... well as normal and everyday as possible for two orphans living in a remote Scottish village. All that is about to change when they discover they have a past nestled in the magical realm of Wyv. As they find themselves kidnapped by a mysterious, albeit a bit confused, stranger and transported to the Royal Court of Wyveryn to fulfil their destiny. After meeting ‘The Three’, Slainthe, Clavical and Thorne, three brothers who are legendary Knights, and enrolling in Orleon Spires, the training establishment of the realm, soon Gallen and Ceilidh discover that all is not what it seems in Wyv. Join Gallen, Ceilidh and their friend Toby, as they meet knights, pirates, golems and dragons and explore the magical land of Wyv. This is where the adventure begins...
ISBN: 9781781763452
Type: Paperback
Pages: 264
Published: 16 May 2012
Price: $12.95