Tell It As It Is

By Gordon Keith Savory and Mark Smith
This book is an account of my journey from childhood in the late 1940s and the trauma of being fully orphaned by age four and half. Having experienced rejection in school and being unequipped academically, I lived by adventure and risk taking and found love on the way. However, life's hardships took their toll and for twenty-seven years, I was lost in mental illness and dependent on heavy psychotic drugs. Breakthrough came when I cried out sincerely to Jesus and, eight years later, I have been able to record what God has done for me. My hope is that this book will encourage those who have suffered low self-esteem and rejection – that it would inspire faith and trust in God to save and heal anyone who calls upon His name.
ISBN: 9781781763759
Type: Paperback
Pages: 87
Published: 24 May 2012
Price: $9.29