The Beyond Within

The Beyond Within is Derek Guiton's response to David Boulton's Through a Glass Darkly. Thought-stirring and provocative, it offers a much needed critique of the militant strand within Quaker non-theism which advocates a future for Britain Yearly Meeting based on the form of atheism known as 'radical religious humanism'. The book amplifies three themes raised in Guiton’s A Man that Looks on Glass —inclusivity, transcendence and religious language. In so doing It answers the misconceptions and misreadings that frame so much of the argument in Through A Glass Darkly. Affirming that for Quakers transcendence and immanence are indivisible, The Beyond Within underlines the importance of that very special attitude to the world we call 'mystical' which is at the heart of the Quaker experience and a necessary element in our worship.
ISBN: 9781786978851
Type: Paperback
Pages: 96
Published: 6 July 2017
Price: $8.89

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