The Blissals of Providence

A hundred Earth years, sixty five Providence years have passed since the survivors from what is now called the ‘Burnt Earth’ landed on Providence, the fourth planet of the Epsilon Eridani system. The range of human settlement has expanded from Mackton, so much so it is now known as Greater Macktonia. It is a loose federation of small towns and farms and ranches stretching from the delta in the south to Lake Mack in the north and eastward for almost two thousand miles over forests and grassland. The landing place on the prairie on the western side of mountains where Sam had landed and led to Jenny Gilchrist being re-united with her mother* was now known as Samslanding. It was now a small but growing town surrounded by outlying farms and ranches. As yet all the townships and villages are governed by ad hoc councils. They is no formal central government and by common consent no need for one. A railway line connects Samslanding to Mackton. Plans are being made to extend the railway farther eastward and northward over thousands of miles of unexplored prairies and forests. *Related in Birth of a Legend, Remains of Earth Book 1.
ISBN: 9781786973023
Type: Paperback
Pages: 388
Published: 13 September 2016
Price: $12.95

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