The Borassic Coast (Part 1)

Dorset at its darkest; a collection of intriguingly harsh but humorous takes on modern rural life. Each intertwining, self-contained story is set along the Dorset and East Devon (‘Jurassic’) coast. A colourful cast of individuals pepper the picturesque landscape, scraping by on the margins of the tourist trail. A crazed hermit, some unfortunate incomers suffering their first pagan Christmas, a calamitous fishing trip, a murderous domestic pet, a couple taking a midnight trip to the A&E, a joyride on a dustcart, a man waking to find himself stranded on a beach: all the characters still standing convene at a boisterous hostelry during the worst rainstorm in history. Hard times in Hardy country.
ISBN: 9781782999485
Type: Paperback
Pages: 244
Published: 27 November 2013
Price: $12.10

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