The Causio Contracts

It's 1987 and Lawrence Adrian Causio, an immigrant from Sicily, is at the apex of his powers. Centred in Bradford he has nurtured a criminal gang to the point that its sway and wealth are an affront to the rule of law in West Yorkshire. He is now on the brink of what he considers is a near-perfect crime. The chief victim is James Egan, the owner of a profitable insurance brokerage, and someone Causio has met by chance. The broker because of past injustice and a recent traumatic divorce has become both jaundiced and cynical. Causio skillfully plays on Egan's emotional history and eventually persuades him to defraud his clients. He then manoeuvres Egan into a position where he is the main perpetrator of the scheme while he remains in the backgound. Egan becomes increasingly suspicious, believing the gangster intends to double-cross him. So on the day of the robbery he puts his own plan into operation first, thwarts Causio and escapes heading for Spain. On route he meets a woman and mutually attracted a romance begins But the gang have discovered his whereabouts. He is pursued and a murderous battle ensues in a remote spot on the Costa Brava, from which Egan barely escapes alive. His ordeal however, is not over! Causio's son, devastated by his father's death, launches another attack several weeks later. Again Egan just survives, and then the scene transfers to England.There the third of the Causio Contracts is brutally enacted in such a way it can never be repeated.
ISBN: 9781786977236
Type: Paperback
Pages: 250
Published: 9 March 2017
Price: $12.65