The Child, The Leader.

How do you teach a five-year-old child the art of negotiation or a six-year-old to invest? And how do qualities like courtesy and generosity decide if the child of today will be the leader of tomorrow? The child,The Leader is a practical guidebook that tackles these subjects by giving parents and guardians an innovative insight into how to position a child on the path to becoming a leader. The book is designed to help parents, guardians and teachers instil distinctive leadership skills in the child. Some of the concepts analysed include how to the import and impart skills to children, identifying and nurturing their skills, transferring your best quality to your child and the power of creative thinking. The central theme of the book is the emphasis on the true leader. The author stresses the need for our children to aspire to become leaders of integrity and distinction and not merely leaders who quest after power and wealth. The book is filled with real-life stories of everyday children some of whom the author has mentored during the course of writing the book. Children like Emma, who at the age of seven wrote a captivating story book titled Oscar the fish, and Jola at the age of six, who was able to complete an entire windows 7 installation all by himself. The author is quick to stress that the children highlighted are not extraordinary. Rather, every child possesses some unique abilities, which only needs to be harnessed, to ensure that they attain the leadership status that they are destined to reach. The child, The Leader is an ideal book for anyone who appreciates the fact that every child has an innate dynamic potential. More crucially it is a book that will assist the reader in helping the child fulfil their true and greatest potentials in life.
ISBN: 9781786970275
Type: Paperback
Pages: 118
Published: 3 June 2016
Price: $12.28