The Complete Lachlan & Walking Types

This volume is a compendium of two collections of comic tales from the Scottish Highlands. 1) The Complete Lachlan. Lachlan McLoughlin returns! Scottish hillwalking colossus, inventor, adventurer, and self-confessed Renaissance Man. Be enthralled as he and his long-suffering companion roam the Highlands in search of: buried treasure, a decent drink, Roman relics, free badges, the Stone of Destiny, fame through technological innovation, UFOs, rocket launchers, long-lost love, and their bus-fare home. Be amazed as they struggle on despite: the Army, Tayside Police, the Mountain Rescue service, reindeer, GIANT ALIEN ROBOTS, imaginary volcanoes, al fresco breast-feeding, Young Farmers, the BBC’s Gaelic unit, and a nice man from the McManus Museum. 2) The Walking Types Omnibus: A Field Guide to the Folk You Meet on the Hill. Pity The Lost Boys and The Doomed Boyfriend; admire The Wiry Old Guy and the Happy Camper; disdain The Passive-Aggressive Landowner and The Hi-Tech Athlete; fear The Spotty Youths and Unsolicited Advice. Sharply observed, by turns pithy and heart-warming, these short impressions of the Highlands and the people who go there will strike a chord with any Scottish hillwalker.
ISBN: 9781782997047
Type: Paperback
Pages: 332
Published: 16 July 2013
Price: $12.95