The Devil and the Unicorn

This is the story of Alice Pemberton and a mysterious old alchemist, who together, take on the awesome power of Satan, in a bid to save the whole Pemberton family from eternal damnation. Deep in the bowels of Leigh Manor a demonic energy is growing stronger every day as the Summer Solstice approaches -- the time of pagan human sacrifice. Inherited from their mother, the two children have a frightening ability to see the half-dead. And when Alice is befriended by an old, travelling alchemist, he explains why they see such hideous images. Like quicksand, fear is about to engulf her and all the while her hedonistic husband, who's soul is already owned by the Devil, begins to tear their marriage into shreds. Alice is no ordinary person, but, is she strong enough to take on the awesome power of Satan, to save her children? Perhaps the old alchemist is not what he appears to be?
ISBN: 9781785101540
Type: Paperback
Pages: 355
Published: 8 October 2014
Price: $12.95

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