The Dog Revolution

Other books pretend to be by a dog. This one WAS, as it was by a Parsnip Russell Terrier which is me, as my legs are shaped like parsnips. But my book is not just about my parsnips, or even about my fellow-dogs pee-mailing one another, which they do do. It’s a tale of dog drama, politics, passion and sects – not sure about that last one as I’m only little and sometimes get the wrong end of the chew-stick. The big pee-mails right now are the teachings of a very great leader, Dog Marks, stating that we have to get out and multiply so we can outnumber humans and take over the planet! His talks, which he gave to a live audience in the ancient 1980s, have been left around the parks in pee-mail to incite modern dogs to ‘up-rise’. I sniffed the Marks creed and got perverted and this is how! It can make you howl, and it’s a bit rude in a doggie way, but it ends up with me and my Ownie reconciled, which is a happy thing. PS. I can do a few tricks as well as write totally important books. Owner's note: Could it be a satire?
ISBN: 9781785101496
Type: Paperback
Pages: 254
Published: 13 September 2016
Price: $12.95

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