The Doubtful Realities

This book invites you to think about Reality - a reality that includes ‘thoughts’. Our thoughts largely comprise our beliefs and our doubts. These are more usefully seen as complementary rather than antagonistic opposites. Each of these four subjects have large amounts of belief and of doubt – although their doubts are often covered up. But, if their doubts are included, these subjects too are much less antagonistic towards each other. Rather than deep thinkers, it is a book for thinkers of optimum depth so that they can extend their thinking sideways. Granted these subjects are not the whole of mankind’s thinking about Reality - but they are more representative of it than any one of them alone. This book does not tell you what to think. It suggests a thinker should seek to know where they stand without being trapped where they stand. For this it maintains that your beliefs relate to the knowing and your doubts relate to not being trapped. It challenges its readers to think more horizontally and to honestly share their thoughts, their beliefs and their doubts, with other thinkers. But be warned - this can feel very much like undressing your mind in public.
ISBN: 9781786100948
Type: Paperback
Pages: 379
Published: 2 September 2015
Price: $14.00

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