The Dysfunctional Life of A Mann

Alison Mann is on her second marriage. She has three children who run her ragged and a husband that drives her mad. Add to that, her ex and his vitriolic new wife, her grunting step-son, a sister who she loathes, and a mother who keeps holidaying, leaving behind her loathsome cat for Alison to feed, and you have a clue as to why she’s suffering. Alison is a woman who needs to offload but her best friends have problems of their own and she cannot get to see her kindly doctor without first having to encounter his cantankerous receptionist. Living in fear her husband has lost interest in her, there’s only one thing for it – surveillance. Then, a well-deserved ego boost arrives in the form of her old high school sweetheart. In a constant battle of one-upmanship, Alison wonders if her sanity will finally prevail. Her diary takes the reader through family life in all its glory: the ups and downs, the sibling rivalries, the love, the hate, and the jealousies, not to mention the money worries. There is a disastrous holiday preceded by a tanning saga, a spot of bother with some fish, an unforgettable job interview and a hellish Halloween party; and all of this while she’s trying not to get caught smoking.
ISBN: 9781784076931
Type: Paperback
Pages: 411
Published: 13 May 2014
Price: $14.45

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