The Ebethusa

The Ebethusa, an ancient tome, an unworldly force . . . When Ruth Simmons, a world renowned psychologist, is found horrifically mutilated, Mike Patterson returns for the funeral and continues with his former mentor's research into an ancient tome containing sophisticated mathematical equations that some believe to be of extraterrestrial origin. Patterson joins forces with Becky Simmons, the professor's daughter, who believes that her mother has been murdered at the behest of Hugo de Chauncey, an antiquities dealer who is ruthless and highly intelligent. As dark secrets are exposed, the psychologist must decide whether the forces he is up against are genuinely malign or figments of imagination rooted in his own troubled past. In a desperate, obsessive search for the truth, disturbing questions will confront him as he delves into the mysteries of The Ebethusa, a tome dating back to the Roman occupation of England, which contains Haemlach numerals that are reputed to have hidden terrifying powers, which de Chauncey claims to be able to control. While time ticks away Mike will struggle with his own sanity as invincible entities, creatures driven by uncontrollable rage, seek him out.
ISBN: 9781782990710
Type: Paperback
Pages: 229
Published: 20 December 2012
Price: $12.65