The Face of OO

Mr Samson Plews, assassin and saboteur par excellence, is the primary agent of the guiding brain behind The Project for a Greater America. This has it that: ‘In order for the American people to become great then they have to want to be great . . . the greatest device for raising a great upsurge of patriotism, is war.’ Plews’ intrigues throw a new light on many previously mysterious occurrences. Amongst others, the mysterious UFO sightings in the sky over the southern USA; the airship crash at Aurora, Texas; a fiery disaster in Berlin; and the outbreak of the Spanish-American War. Along the way he becomes involved with Miss Sha, the Red Dragon Empress. If starting a war is easy, winning one decisively and finally is not. Bringing about a Greater America requires something powerful beyond reason; a ‘divine weapon’ mentioned in an ancient Indian text. Though previously thought to be mythical, information contained in a long lost Chinese encyclopaedia suggests differently. The weapon might actually exist, but if it does it is well hidden and only Plews and Miss Sha have the gifts to find it. If they can beat some deadly enemies!
ISBN: 9781782995500
Type: Paperback
Pages: 697
Published: 21 June 2013
Price: $15.95

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