The Four Swords

Peace on Earth had lasted for decades now, with only a few pockets of terrorism around the United States. Elsewhere in the Galaxy, however, things have not been so peaceful. The Overlord is brutally murdered at his palace, forcing the Galactic Government's vile Enforcers to take things into their own, cruel hands. The Xaos Saga begins with an epic tale that spans the vast reaches of space itself. The Four Swords of legend have come into interest of several parties, one ruthless party serves Blue Cloud, a dark Demigod, and one party brutal, yet for the "right" reasons. A war on Earth shall begin and spawn much larger, more significant consequences that shall affect the entire fabric of reality. As Gods collide with Man, what weapon is better than those of the gods themselves?
ISBN: 9781908603760
Type: Paperback
Pages: 391
Published: 22 October 2011
Price: $12.95