The Ginger Italian Stories

No one knows how long they will live or what lies around the corner. Life on planet Earth is a one-chance thing; an adventure from childhood to adulthood, if you are fortunate. No one knows their destiny or what tomorrow brings, but what is clear is that you will experience loss or grief in your journey of life. What if you had a chance, a magical chance to do something about your loss, maybe save their life or say the words you never got to say, with relatives that had passed many years before you were born, or say sorry for the pain you had caused, or find out your relative fought against the odds. Loss or bereavement is so painful whether you have lost a family member, made mistakes in your life and looking for retribution, or lost your job when you have bills to pay. This pain, sorrow and trauma can last a whole lifetime, it’s so important to understand someone’s pain or situation. The Ginger Italian stories look at the What-ifs, the importance of family, life and the importance of doing the right thing and saying the words that matter, what if you had a chance to save a loved one? This book is for all the people who did not get to meet their grandparents, who have lost a brother, who have lost a loved one and a child, who lost a grandparent through cancer, who have lost their jobs and their income, for those seeking retribution for the loss and pain they have caused, for those whose fathers never played a part in their life. Your life on planet Earth is short. Be grateful for what you have, because each living thing on this planet is made of magic and wonder.
ISBN: 9781835972014
Type: Paperback
Pages: 264
Published: 10 July 2024
Price: $12.95

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