The Golden Tome: The Wizards of Magog

The third book in the series takes Jon and his friends on an unexpected journey. Ebon has returned as if from the dead with powerful allies, the Wizards of Magog; age-old enemies of the Seers. Jon, Hamill and Auger Wind-rider face a fight for survival and also that of the Seers. Manipulating the unsuspecting Ebon; the Wizards force their way back into the world of the Seers, from whence they were banished millennia ago. Old and valued friends unite and together they combat the malevolent seer. The loss of one of their little band weighs heavily on their minds as Ebon reaches out across the void that separates them, by means of the ‘Rod of Dread’. Ebon creates a dark angel from Amethyst’s spent magic; Only Urim, the elusive and mysterious Seer, aided by the gallant group of friends, can stop him before the Wizards break through. Will Ebon at last be brought to account? Who will prevail, the Seers or the Wizards? Will we discover the truth behind the mystery that is the Seer, Urim and why he has used Jon as a pawn in his games of life and death. Is he friend or foe...Time Will Tell.
ISBN: 9781786970589
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 358
Published: 21 June 2016
Price: $19.45

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