The Greek Tycoon's Secret Daughter

The Greek Tycoon’s Secret Daughter – Mary Middleton A disastrous first meeting between playboy billionaire, Jonathan Barberis-Jones and penniless single mother, Charlotte Martin is just the first of many heated exchanges. But when Jonathan discovers that Charlotte is the long lost natural daughter of his stepfather, Nicoli, and that she and her son stand between him and the Barberis fortune, things go rapidly from bad to worse. Resentful and angry at being supplanted in his stepfather’s affections, Jonathan faces a tough inner battle. Will his darker side lead him in his fight for justice or will love prevail? The Greek Tycoon’s Secret Daughter is Mary Middleton’s third romance. Her readers have come to expect dark sultry heroes and feisty female leads, but in this novel she has outdone herself. Jonathan has all the threatening sex appeal of Heathcliffe and Rhett Butler together with the physical perfections of Adonis.
ISBN: 9781781764480
Type: Paperback
Pages: 213
Published: 22 June 2012
Price: $12.65

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