The Heir of the Cursed Kingdom

A magical kingdom cursed for a thousand years, waiting for its true heir to return. A thousand years ago there was a war fought and the One Kingdom was on the verge of losing. The powerful witch Zeladrius murdered all the heirs to the One Kingdom with the help of her Zelarians. To protect the One Kingdom from the grasp of the witch Zeladrius, Queen Fair cursed the One Kingdom stopping all life. To undo the curse a claim to the throne of One Kingdom has to be made. But the doorway to the One Kingdom has been closed – until now. Elisha and Kelly went to assist the librarian of the Merandale Library to carry some books to the basement, when the librarian, an old lady goes into a trance and makes a prophecy that the doorway into the One Kingdom has been opened. In the basement they find a girl who opens an elemental shield to get the great Book of Light. The girl tells them that they are the descendants of the Guardians, an ancient group of warriors who had been preparing for a thousand years, waiting for the doorway into the One Kingdom to open. It becomes a race for the Guardians to find the doorway and reach the One Kingdom before the Zelarians do or all will be lost and all the magical races of the One Kingdom will come under the rule of darkness.
ISBN: 9781782996583
Type: Paperback
Pages: 538
Published: 9 July 2013
Price: $14.45

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