The Immortals

A five volume series. A mix of space opera, science fiction and human tragedy; above all, a love story; indeed, four love stories: One main, romantic, passionate love affair between two members of different species, with all the fears and uncertainties that come with it. Another, a fiery sado-masochistic collision between two strong characters: – “He kissed her. Full on her unresponsive lips. Tasting her saliva with his tongue, relishing her pain.” There is the final realization of one strong willed and controlling woman of exactly what makes her happy: – “On impulse, she moved against him, grabbed his head and covered his surprised mouth with hers, kissing him hard... There is combat: - “Paulus waded through shin deep mud to get to the entrance, dragging tired legs out of its sucking embrace. Inside the ragged shelter, like all the others, battered by the wind and nowhere near waterproof, the Treve perched on an ammunition case having his right forearm bandaged where a piece of his armour had been blasted away...” This, and so much more; violent encounters in the vacuum of space, life and death duels, political intrigue and the survival of a whole civilisation at stake. Through it all…Sam Helsinki.
ISBN: 9781784077365
Type: Paperback
Pages: 259
Published: 29 May 2014
Price: $12.95

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