The Jägermeister's Apprentice.

The art of deception is explored and is a core theme in this book. The notion that there still is a possibility of peace, in a life that is not just black and white, but full of a variety of kinky shades, is also considered. The Jägermeister’s Apprentice is really about scruffy Buddy Rioux’s skirmishing odyssey. Through the eyes of Buddy Rioux, a likeable and inquisitive chap, Jonzy Wandelaar examines the concept of deception in both an innocent way and in an almost fatal way. As the novel unfurls Buddy Rioux becomes increasingly alienated. Primarily we are introduced to a disreputable character Mo and his venomous voodoo den. After that we are dragged through Morpheye’s violent blue terrorist revolution. As an audience we are then challenged to think about ‘why we all lie', and are thrown from a situation of childhood purity and innocent unearthing, into a hideous circumstance of disorder and discerning detection. We are subsequently flown into a colourful San Francisco fugitive settlement, and plunged into a state of horrific journalistic suppression. Together we journey into three different countries, and quite unexpectedly we end up in brutal exile in northern France. Buddy Rioux, otherwise known as ‘The Jägermeister’s Apprentice’, can see into the darkness of the society in which we all live. Reading ‘The Jägermeister’s Apprentice’ makes you feel like you are walking in Buddy Rioux’s perilous, yet mysteriously realistic world of utter isolation.
ISBN: 9781788763431
Type: Paperback
Pages: 202
Published: 25 May 2018
Price: $12.65

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