The Last Night On Earth

The Last Night on Earth is set within the time-frame of humanities final moments on the Planet Earth when Armageddon isn’t just real it’s imminent and this is a fact that everyone is simultaneously made aware of. The book chronicles how differing individuals react to this revelation and how they choose to spend their final twenty-four hours prior to the end of the world and life as they know it. The Last Night on Earth is book one in the epic Divine Retribution Series that spans life on Earth and beyond. Book one partly focuses on encapsulations on the lives led by the characters before they become aware of the impending Armageddon that in turn fuel their reactions towards it. Each chapter focuses on separate individual characters with frequent interaction and overlapping of storylines within a shared world gripped in chaos and mania through mankind’s collective realization culminating in the unthinkable: The end of the world by the hand of God. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Written in Kaneda Chaplin’s indomitable condensed style there’s never been a better time to begin The Divine Retribution Series and read The Last Night on Earth. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
ISBN: 9781781766347
Type: Paperback
Pages: 313
Published: 7 August 2012
Price: $12.95