The Last Quadroon

Book Three of "The Lion's Trace." The summer days were long and confusing, especially as Delilah began to enjoy rum, which after a few sips left her inebriated and incoherent for the rest of the evening. Akev had a mind of his own and fortitude to acquire his dreams, yet Delilah brought him to his knees and brought strife with his brother Gideon, who was also weak to her seductions. Were they captivated by her Acadian charm or was it wanting what another man had? Can Akev's wife Angelique, continue pretending she doesn't see her husband's weakness for Delilah? Aramingo began to socialize heavily, courting beautiful women, especially those recently arriving from Europe, enthralled with the handsome Nobel Savage, a title they called him playfully. And Onte had grown so cold to Pierre, after sensing his lingering love for Delilah, that their Indian marriage had dissolved into nothing more than companion parenting. They were all growing restless, bored and starved for affection. None of them knew which way to turn. Being a landowner in Colonial America was hard... without a woman's love... but who deserved Delilah's love and who fell prey to her deception?
ISBN: 9781784076771
Type: Paperback
Pages: 298
Published: 13 May 2014
Price: $15.95

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