The Magic Book: Saving the Fairies of Serenia

This is the first in The Magic Book series where twin sisters, Sophie and Felicity, happen across a plain, leather-bound notebook at their school, only it's far from ordinary; it holds a secret. The Book isn't the only thing that's not as it might appear to be; there's something very special about a tree that grows within the school playground too! Meanwhile, hidden from view in a parallel world call Serenia, the fairies work tirelessly to keep the balance of nature in both their world, and ours. When Serenia flourishes, Earth flourishes, if Serenia were to fall, Earth will fall too - and the unthinkable is happening! It's a race against time as Sophie and Felicity learn that they are our last hope. They will need to have great courage, conviction and most importantly - unshakable belief in fairies and magic, if they are to stand any chance of out-witting The Wicked One. But, will it prove too much for these shy, unconfident sisters? Will they be able to find the inner strength and self-belief they're going to need - before it's too late...!
ISBN: 9781785107382
Type: Paperback
Pages: 95
Published: 28 April 2015
Price: $9.29

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