The Man Who Drew Blood

This is a gripping story of how the secret life of a world-renowned Physician is exposed after he dies. Jonathan Levy is found dead. Was it sudden death? Was it suicide? Was it murder? To find out how and why arguably the most influential person in the field of medicine, the world over (whose work was a beacon of hope for many of the world’s sick) had died, investigators probe into his life and relationships. They single out his closest ally, James Colburn as the main suspect. On a hunch and in his bid to prove his innocence, as well as find out how and why the only person who could have restored health back to his ailing wife, had died, James goes after his own suspect. In his fishing expedition, he begins to unravel a never before seen side to Jonathan... After the official investigation is aborted, as Jonathan’s autopsy report concludes that he died of natural causes, Jonathan’s son, Timothy, smells a rat and while he asks for a second autopsy, he employs the famed detective Jason Wolfe to investigate Jonathan’s death. What more did he discover?
ISBN: 9781908603210
Type: Paperback
Pages: 326
Published: 15 December 2011
Price: $12.95