The Means of Death

Craig and Cindy Barrington, a young handsome Australian couple, have been posted to the exotic country of Zambia. He is to take over the directorship of a banking group. He is blond, pill-popping and a muscle-building gym hunk of thirty four years, but he is experiencing odd symptoms of ill-health. He collapses after being at a night club. Three expatriate wives befriend Cindy only to find she is unhappy and wants to divorce Craig. Detective Chief Inspector Phiri Milemba, hindered by an incompetent young female constable, is inundated with cases. Deaths and kidnapping unfold. At the same time as solving cases, he and his small team of detectives soon ascertain there is more than one person wanting Craig Barrington dead, including his wife Cindy. They all have motive and the wherewithal to kill. It is initially the hospital pathologist and then the forensic pathologist who provide the means of death, along with forensic and ballistic experts that establish who the killers are.
ISBN: 9781782993490
Type: Paperback
Pages: 287
Published: 26 April 2013
Price: $12.95