The Northumbrian Garden Parrot

The Northumbrian Garden Parrot-A celebration of a lifetime's interest in birds and birdwatching. North Shields, November 1959. Early one cold morning, the ten-year old Pete Brown delays his walk to school to accompany his police constable father in investigating a strange arrival in a neighbour's garden. There a tame, exotic bird the like of which no-one has seen before, is feeding on cotoneaster berries. The neighbour has deduced that, since it is both attractive and seemingly unconcerned about its admiring audience, it must be an escaped parrot. It was a Waxwing and that encounter was to be a key moment in the development of Pete's 60-year interest in birds. The Northumbrian Garden Parrot is a rich and varied collection of writings that reflects Pete's undiminished enthusiasm for birdwatching. There are tales of discovering birds in his native North-East with like-minded young friends and of keeping the interest going despite teenage distractions, then through a long teaching career and right up to the present day with its many threats to the natural world. Pete describes the pleasure that creating a back garden bird sanctuary brings, savours the thrill of discovering an unlikely rarity, reflects on protecting rare raptors, delights in 'working the patch' wherever that may be, enjoys passing on his boundless enthusiasm for wildlife to children in Sheffield schools, and much more. Above all, the book is a joyous and very readable celebration of a lifetime's birdwatching.
ISBN: 9781839454585
Type: Paperback
Pages: 358
Published: 18 September 2020
Price: $12.95

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