The Power of Wings

Children's stories appeal to all ages, Some youngsters like to read alone curled up in bed, others like to be read to by a kindly adult or friend. All will enjoy this exciting adventure story of magic and mayhem, about a wicked sorcerer who uses black magic to forward his evil plans. The peaceful Kingdom of Revlis is within his grasp. Murder is on his wicked mind, as he attempts to dispose of the rightful King and marry his daughter, Princess Crystal. He tramples over a lot of good people trying to enforce his wicked plan. Kind thoughts are not enough for the people of Revlis to hold back the evil magic. Courage, friendship, loyalty to one another and pure love are some of the weapons at their disposal. Something else is needed and comes from an unlikely source - the birds, and the power of their wings. Led by Wise Owl Chavell, they just might save the kingdom. But will they be in time?
ISBN: 9781839453564
Type: Paperback
Pages: 194
Published: 9 July 2020
Price: $11.95

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