The Promise

“Greetings to you. Do not be afraid, I am your Companion.” Young twins, Millie and Oliver Freeman, have a secret that is going to change the world. With their new cosmic friend, Quark, they soon find age is no barrier when they discover new realities opening up to them. His simple request to find The Cornerstone, however, launches them in a race against time as they battle powerful enemies who also want this sacred object for themselves. The perplexing trail leads them from one historic site to the next in their bid to complete the quest, and as ancient mysteries begin to unravel, their mission places them in terrible danger. With unimaginable consequences for the human race if they fail, will the twins complete the challenge in time? An unusual and engaging narrative that blends the factual and the inexplicable within a deeply immersive fantasy; you will not be disappointed by this promise! A unique and enchanting read for all ages: “With flavours of Lewis, Tolkien and Rowling coming through.” Canon David Winter.
ISBN: 9781781763377
Type: Paperback
Pages: 220
Published: 6 February 2017
Price: $12.65

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