The Quantum Echo

What happens when you’re far too inquisitive for your own good? When you talk to strangers and follow your instinct? You arrive in an unfamiliar world where sorcery has control of the weather and whose unusual inhabitants do all they can to survive. Luckily Emily and her trusted friend are quick witted and determined. But can they avoid the sorceress’s traps and restore natural order before it’s too late? Anschuan is a world not restricted by ordinary time and space. It has become dominated by Toraina, an evil sorceress who has seized control of the country’s weather. Emily embarks on a journey to restore the rightful Queen Aurora but her quest is full of dangers. Assisted by friends new and old - a mysterious Boatman, a family of wolves, and a blind ranger with a bottomless backpack, she learns and develops from each new experience and adventure. Toraina’s use of the weather to intimidate and cause physical harm, the guidance of a trio of very familiar sentinels, and her beloved Sammy, are the only things which remain constant throughout. But the boundaries between the two worlds aren't always quite as clear as they first appear.
ISBN: 9781786100092
Type: Paperback
Pages: 187
Published: 29 July 2015
Price: $11.95

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