The Second Coming of Jesus plus Millennium Interpretations & The Anti-christ

The full plan of God’s salvation for mankind involves two advents of Christ. His first advent to redeem the world is now generally accepted as a historical fact; his second advent is still awaited and will be a personal return of Jesus Christ. This book shows the world and spiritual conditions in the end times. The different interpretations of the millennium.The rise of the anti-christ. It gives a balanced scriptural view of all of the these points giving an outline of what to look for before Jesus comes without any speculation about the dates. As to many people in the past have predicted the dates and got it totally wrong. It is possible to recognise the signs but dangerous to predict dates. Read the book and find out what the bible actually says about the second coming of Jesus
ISBN: 9781785108655
Type: Paperback
Pages: 65
Published: 9 June 2015
Price: $6.49

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