The Signs Are Good

Fifty years of collecting autographs. From a young boy where I faced gangs on London stations, who charged collectors for the privilege to go on the platforms to collect the prized signatures to the present time. How my collecting lead to me getting my present job working at a professional football club I have supported since childhood. It tells the stories of the many good experiences I had with so many top celebrities and sports people. There are some controversial views about household names that may surprise the reader. How things never worked out to plan like missing the last train home and ending up paying £40 for a taxi without the sought after signature. Being arrested in the search of an International football team autographs. The autograph world has changed from my early collecting to present day where it is now largely frowned upon. How I had always been fortunate enough to receive help from people who worked with and amongst the celebrities which would not now be possible. So many of the stories would not happen today so I feel they should be told.
ISBN: 9781908147691
Type: Paperback
Pages: 180
Published: 18 June 2012
Price: $11.95