The Silent Saga: Secrets of Mandrania

In the aftermath of the battle at the Jandar outpost, each force needs to regroup. But with the arrival of the Shannon’s escape pod comes the arrival of a mysterious evil force that has taken host to the crew. Commander Gibson and the bridge crew are not who they were. Instead they harbour a deadly enemy lifeforce that fought a great war in the early years of the universe. A truce long since established, has been broken with their arrival and apparent takeover of the universe. David and his team set out once again to locate the crashed pod as do the Jandar, Cariskac and the Vashen. But Mandrania is not so peaceful and there is a reason why it has survived the silence. Once an outpost for the dark forces enemy, it is a place of solitute. The mysterious enemy that silenced the universe are known as the Shakan and their mortal enemy is a race called the Dalisian. David is about to lead his team into the first battle of the Shakan and Dalisians in many Millenia, a battle none of the four races of the treaty have any chance of winning.
ISBN: 9781785101052
Type: Paperback
Pages: 168
Published: 23 September 2014
Price: $9.19