The Sleeping Messiah

“While staring into my own reflection in the pool of life, I have discovered a great secret. It is a secret that can bestow immense power upon any one that knows it." ......... Here's an "outside the square" book for everyone who has ever wondered what life's all about. From Ramarama to the Pool of Life, The Sleeping Messiah takes us on a wonderful journey of discovery into the very nature of our reality. This timeless collection of short stories encourages deep reflection, inspiring us to find our own truth without letting the world tell us what it is, while revealing our innate wisdom with stunning clarity. Stop pretending you're what the world says you are - it's time to waken the sleeping messiah.
ISBN: 9781781764176
Type: Paperback
Pages: 158
Published: 8 June 2012
Price: $11.95