The Sorceress of Mythos

By Ivi Kay
For years we lived in peace. But it wasn't meant to last. A quarrel forced us into a battle. The T'Hern never stood a chance. But then, they killed the leader of the Blamoth dragons. From his death, Mythos, our World, was plunged into darkness, filled only with chaos and despair. Then, out of the darkness came a chance to get back the light. The Blamoth, devastated at their loss, requested that Jardens soul be 'transported' into a future witch. We agreed, a future child was chosen, but the T'Hern, knowing it couldn't be prevented, did their own spell. A thousand years we've waited, now, they have been born. One of them is an enchantment, a prophecy to bring light to a World full of darkness. However, the other twin, is her complete opposite. Three tasks they must face. Three covens they must deal with. The Sorceress is "She who is prepared to sacrifice the most. She of Mythos blood, but not Mythos born will turn the tide. Mythos will once again become a land of light, good and hope, totally free of evil. She will sacrifice the most to prove herself worthy of being our Saviour!”
ISBN: 9781782995388
Type: Paperback
Pages: 288
Published: 13 June 2013
Price: $12.95