The Sweet Taste of Revenge

The Sweet Taste of Revenge A gripping Gangland Thriller from the pen of Sunday Times Best Seller, Mary Wood, under the pen name of Molly Kent. Prostitutes Gina Walters and Zoe Feldon, are working from a Soho, walk-up. Their lives are dominated by the powerful gangster, Joe Parrondski. When Joe disappears, and a body is reported, his wife, Layla Parrondski comes on to the scene. Layla is embittered and seeking revenge – Joe has ignored her for years, taking his pleasure with Gina. Looking into the sleazy side of her husband’s dealings, Layla becomes ambitious to take over what he has built up, and discovers, all is not what it seems. The daughter of a notorious gangster, who was once feared by London underworld, Layla has the right connections. She sets out to surround herself with powerful women, who have connections to the underworld and know what is entailed. All the better if they harbour a grudge against Joe Parrondski – Gina and Zoe fit the bill. One man is let inside Layla’s operation – her Fat-Cat Lawyer, Adrian Prindell. Layla has an insatiable appetite for Adrian – Adrian has ambitions. Layla has one aim in life – to prove her husband isn’t dead, and to wreak revenge on him, taking all he has – anyone who gets in her way is dispensable. Joe Parrondski also has an ambition – He wants Layla dead.
ISBN: 9781786974129
Type: Paperback
Pages: 378
Published: 20 October 2016
Price: $12.95