The Time Princess

The fast-paced plot draws you back in time with Klaudia Cay’s desperate attempts to prevent the assassination of England’s King Charles 1 and Oliver Cromwell You might think it’s another ordinary day at school but just around the corner is a force that can change your life forever. Klaudia Cay is a thirteen year-old tetrathlon champion. She should be happy but she has problems with her mother, brother and a new girl in her class. That pales into insignificance when she receives an e-mail dated 1643 from someone called Gabriel. He says if John Hampden dies it is Klaudia’s destiny to be ‘Called’. Scratching noises begin in the dead of night. A weird teacher seems to know what’s going on. A secret passage and a skeleton are discovered. Carved into the wall is the name Gabriel Gubbins... Then it starts, the time travel, and Klaudia is fighting for her life alongside Gubbins on the bloody battlefields of the English Civil War. Living on her nerves and her skills as a champion will be her only hope of returning home as she encounters a demonic presence sent to wreak havoc on the future.
ISBN: 9781782996613
Type: Paperback
Pages: 206
Published: 9 July 2013
Price: $12.65

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