The Wicked Wizard Dahszo

The wicked Wizard Dahszo dreams of ruling the world and with the help of his gang of unruly wizards he declares war not only on all the witches and fairies, but also on all living creatures. But he needs more magical powers to achieve his greedy ambition and murders and robs many hermit wizards who were living in peace and solitude in the Meditation Mountains. Hoping to gain even more magic he murders an elderly wizard and his wife, who are renowned for their worldly magic and plants evidence incriminating their son and daughter-in-law who, having been found guilty of a crime they did not commit, are sentenced to life in Dragonmean Dungeons. Chief Judge Zoic, with the help of The Wise Table, is determined that Wizard Dahszo fails in his attempt to rule the world, and flies to the Meditation Mountains in search of The Great Warrior Wizard Wyvern, the only wizard who has the power to prevent Wizard Dahszo’s wicked ambitions. The peace-loving witches, with the help of many friends, have no alternative than to fight for their right to live. And so their many exploits during the warring years begins.
ISBN: 9781781768037
Type: Paperback
Pages: 284
Published: 23 April 2013
Price: $12.95