The Windmill at Carreg Bran

Can Meg help the restless spirit of the little boy who visits her? And what is the long-held secret of the creepy old mill? It is 1976. Meg Owen is ten years old and lives with her parents and younger brother Billy above the family’s grocer shop in a small village in Warwickshire. Life seems pretty humdrum until Meg realises that she has the gift of ‘second sight’. When she ‘sees’ the road accident which ultimately kills her father and leaves her mother in a coma, Meg is wracked with guilt, wondering whether she could have prevented it. Meg and Billy are sent to stay with their paternal grandfather and great aunt, their only other living relatives whom they have never met, in North Wales. Meg soon discovers that her ‘gift’ is a family trait, and gradually forms a bond with her Great Auntie Nell, who helps her to come to terms with it. Then Meg starts to receive visits from a ghostly young boy, who needs help with a problem of his own and brings a grim warning about a possible tragedy that only Meg can help to avert…
ISBN: 9781781766743
Type: Paperback
Pages: 148
Published: 25 August 2012
Price: $10.25