The Word of God

“The Word of God” is a specialized work about the Quran, the fundamental book of Islam. Being first in a series, this would be an original, specialized, knowledge-shaping and opinion-changing book and is suitable for academics and researchers in the field. Mostly the books covering this topic are of medieval age and are second translations of the translated books from Arabic language. Moreover these books are far from the reach of a common man. And incomprehensible too for a today`s reader because of the style of argument and terminology used in them. As for as the modern books on the topic are concerned, • First of all very few of them address the common man. • Second, the views expressed in these books are mostly confused versions of some Muslim traditions that are discredited by their sectarian tone. Thus the basic arguments with necessary information in simple and easy way will help people to analyze and understand.
ISBN: 9781782992790
Type: Paperback
Pages: 149
Published: 29 March 2013
Price: $11.27